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“Post hoc ergo propter hoc” This is an opinion post on my thoughts on density and roasting. Currently, there is a trend in which roasters are measuring the water content (moisture) of their coffee. This is fine. This is good. It is certainly never a bad thing to know more about the coffee we are […]

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How To Roast Coffee (Video Series)

A wealth of knowledge on how to roast coffee from the team at Cafe Imports and Mill City Roasters

How To Roast Coffee

I have dedicated this post to the specific art of ‘how to roast coffee’ as I know that many have a lot of questions on this topic. Roasting coffee is becoming popular enough that many are starting to create information in order to help those who need it. Instead of writing endlessly on the subject, I have taken the time to search the internet for the most helpful videos and embedded them below. I have found a really good series called Roaster School – produced by Nick Green for Mill City Roasters (Minneapolis, MN) which really gets stuck into the finer details and theory of how to roast coffee.

Roasting coffee itself is not hard but some find it difficult to produce delicious coffee because they don’t understand what they need to change in order to produce a more flavourful result from the roast. It’s the theory behind what’s actually happening that most people find difficult to understand – a similar analogy is knowing how to drive a car but not knowing exactly how to tune the carburettor with the right mix of air and gas so the car engine is running at optimum. Car engines can be different therefore the mix needs to be adjusted to suit – just like green beans come in different sizes and density, the mix needs to be right in the roaster to accommodate the different green coffee.

Learning how to roast coffee starts by understanding the principles and theory first. The manual operation of the machinery is quite simple but without comprehension of the roasting process, you may not be getting the best characteristics from the green beans and therefore not producing the highest quality possible.

How To Roast Coffee: Video 1 – Turning Point

How To Roast Coffee: Video 2 – Drying/Yellowing

How To Roast Coffee: Video 3 – First Crack

How To Roast Coffee: Video 4 – Beyond First Crack

How To Roast Coffee: Video 5 – Holiday Blends

How To Roast Coffee: Video 6 – Handling Heat

How To Roast Coffee: Video 7 – Looking back on the first 6 roasting videos

Thanks for watching the first series, there will be more videos added soon!