Welcome to my website!

This site is dedicated to supporting those who are interested in starting a wholesale coffee roasting business.

There is a lack of information on the internet regarding this subject. One of the reasons being, there are so many separate industry specific areas that piece together to form a successful coffee roasting business.

For example, the art of roasting coffee itself consists of many other small skills specific to a coffee roaster:

  • sourcing quality green beans (ability to cup/score/grade coffee correctly).
  • storing green beans in the right conditions to keep their characteristics.
  • sourcing quality equipment to roast coffee.
  • creating recipes for each bean origin (correct charge temp, roast profile, rate of rise, endothermic/exothermic phases, consistent drop temps).
  • combining the correct beans together to form a winning blend.
  • correct storage and packaging of the roasted product to ensure freshness.

Coffee roasting is just one key area of the business which requires specialist experience in order to operate well. Perhaps consider some of the other departments which also need specialist people for the business to grow, such as sales & marketing, accounting, technical support & the ability to diagnose and fix coffee machinery, barista training and much more…

My aim is to build this website as a resource for those wanting to learn more about starting and growing a coffee roasting business. Hopefully over time it will help many people reach their goal of succeeding in the coffee industry.

If you would like a specific topic to be written about, please leave a comment in regards to the area of the business you need support with and I will endeavour to make time to write about it.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy the website as it grows!

Site Admin 🙂