Top Ten Coffee Roasters Under 1kg

Top Ten Coffee Roasters Under 1kg

What is a Mulatoz CR 200 Pro Coffee Roaster?

Mulatoz CR 200 Pro Coffee Roaster

While pottering around Instagram I found the image above posted by: Say Something Coffee.

I soon googled this Mulatoz CR 200 Pro Coffee Roaster and nothing came up! I spent a lot of time searching around the internet and soon realized that there was no information on this coffee roaster…

This got me thinking, what other cool little coffee roasters under 1kg capacity are out there and available to purchase?

This range of coffee roaster capacity has ushered in a new dynamic into the coffee scene because no longer are you restricted to the 100gram Probat sample roaster which costs a lot. In fact, after a quick search around the internet, I’ve found a huge array of small sample roasters scattered around the world, mostly from Asia but I’ve also included the traditional and more familiar brands.

The list of coffee roasters below is not in any particular order, they are just listed. I’ve tried to keep to a very simple format – the name of the roaster, a picture and a video so you don’t get too caught up in the details. I’ve also placed a link in case you want more information …

Probat Coffee Roaster

To keep it simple, we’ll continue with the infamous Probat 100gram sample roaster. German manufactured and the number one sample roaster of choice for most commercial coffee roasting companies. For more information you can visit: Probat Burns.

Probat 100gram sample coffee roaster
Probat Double Barrel Coffee Roaster

Ikawa Coffee Roaster

Ikawa produce both a Pro roaster version as well as a home version. This is a very popular model due to the connectivity to digital devices in order to roast and record profiles. This coffee roaster produces a very clean and clear flavor as this is an air roaster (also the only air roaster to make it onto this list). Ikawa is manufactured in the UK and the home version of the roaster starts at £850 pounds. For more information click here: Ikawa Coffee.

Ikawa Coffee Roaster

Yang Chia Coffee Roaster

Thirdly, the Yang Chia 100N is a cute little 120gram coffee roaster. This is a tidy roaster and pricing is approximately US$800 (I estimate + freight). The image below is from their website: Yang Chia Machine Works. Yang Chia are more famous for their Mini 500 Coffee Roaster.

100N Coffee Roaster
Yang Chia 100N Coffee Roaster

Huky Coffee Roaster

The Huky 500T is a 500gram roaster that is quite well known by home based coffee roasters and also by small commercial roasters. The original Huky 500 was the first model and the new Huky 500T has improved airflow. The Huky 500 works by placing it over a heat source such as your kitchen gas appliance and uses the gas flame to roast the beans. This roaster is made by Kuanho Li in Taiwan and I believe the price is around US$1500 + freight. I found the image below from: The Peoples Roast.

Huky 500
Huky 500 Coffee Roaster

North Coffee Roasters

I found a 500gram coffee roaster that is built by these guys: North Coffee Roasters. The roaster affords the operator variable drum and air control, and comes in an electric and gas version. The website claims data logging is also available – these are built in Shenzhen, China and the price tag is US$2999 (I estimate + freight).

500g coffee roaster
North Coffee Mini 500gram Roaster

Quest Coffee Roaster

The Quest M3 coffee roaster is a well known coffee roaster. It has a 200gram maximum capacity and the heat source is from electric elements. Built in Taiwan, its a US$1400 + freight. For more information visit: Coffee Shrub.

Quest M3 Coffee Roaster

Arc Coffee Roaster

The Arc 700gram coffee roaster is popular due to its larger capacity. This roaster comes in both gas and electric options and allows USB/Bluetooth connection for data logging. This roaster is built in China and is $3600 + freight. For more information visit the US website: Crop to cup.

Arc Coffee Roaster

Behmor Coffee Roaster

The Behmor 1600 Plus is the latest coffee roaster from Behmor. The capacity is 450grams is runs on electricity. Price is approximately US$700 + freight. For more information visit Behmor.

Behmor 1600 Plus Coffee Roaster
Behmor 1600 Plus Coffee Roaster

Hottop Coffee Roaster

The Hottop coffee roaster has been around for quite some time and is known for being a great home roaster. There are currently 3 models and the capacity and prices differ with each model. For more information visit:Hottop USA.

Hottop Coffee Roaster
Hottop Coffee Roaster

Mercury Coffee Roaster

The Mercury coffee roaster is a fairly new roaster built in Taiwan. The maximum capacity for a roast is 400grams and the manufacturer claims the minimum roast can be 10grams! The price is approximately US$1600 + freight. For more information visit:Cloud Bean Tech.

Mercury Coffee Roaster
Mercury Coffee Roaster

Each coffee roaster mentioned above should be fully researched before considering a purchase. Not all of the roasters mentioned here will pass some of the certification in each country due to different regulations. The power source should also be configured correctly for your countries requirements. Always be cautious with gas and have a qualified gas fitter look over your unit if it runs on gas or an electrical engineer if your roaster is powered by electricity.

If you believe there are other coffee roasters that deserve a mention, please add them to this list by posting a comment below, alternatively if you think there is information very specific to one of the coffee roasters above then please feel free to post in the comment section.


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6 thoughts on “Top Ten Coffee Roasters Under 1kg”

  1. Hi! Nice article, and that 120 gram Yang Chia one is terrific.

    I suggest adding the Freshroast SR500 and/or SR700, which is the software controllable version. They’re both very reasonably priced fluid bed roasters and can turn out great coffee.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Have you considered the Kaldi line of small drum roasters? People who get seem to be happy so far. These roasters seem to offer a lot for your money and some people are doing interesting mods. I’m definitely watching for more owners to publish reviews.


  3. Hi! Thanks for putting up our Mulatoz CR 200 Pro as the #1 on your list! CR 200 Pro is our newest project which in fact hasn’t been officially released to the public yet (that’s why you couldn’t find anything up online!). But if you would like to know more about our product, please email me at! We would be very happy to answer any of your question!


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